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  • if anyone outside of tumblr ever asks me what it’s like to have a semi-popular blog I’m going to tell them about the time I made a post that SIMPLY AND CLEARLY ONLY said I like how hotels smell like pools and that I feel peaceful walking through their hallways and it literally branched into three very confusing discussions that are STILL going to this day, years later, which are:
    1. pool employees Very Aggressively informing me that being able to smell a pool means chlorine levels are too high and I shouldn’t like that
    2. hotel employees Very Aggressively telling me hotels aren’t peaceful for THEM and I should be more considerate of them when I say I find hotels peaceful
    3. people??? angrily explaining to me that any time I’m in a hotel there is probably a victim of human trafficking in one of the rooms so I shouldn’t romanticize hotels.

    and that about sums up any experience I’ve had with a post that gets too many notes tbh it’s probably best if everyone would stop reblogging my posts forever

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