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February 07 2018

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Don’t even tell me that’s not what Goku meant…

XD amazing honey, just chillin in bed kinkshamin’ the Briefs bwahaha

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kids baking competitions are amazing

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Actions speak louder than black people at a movie theater.




PSA if you’re medicated or are new to medication: do not stop medicating cold turkey without supervision from your psychiatrist or without letting them know you’d like to quit. these things need to be done gradually, doing it abruptly can fuck you up really, REALLY bad, long term. please please please don’t be reckless about your mental health.

don’t sleep on this post and spread it if you can because it’s a good way to send your brain into a frenzy.

hey so a cousin had to go to the emergency room for quitting cold turkey on a drug and my dad had a stroke that had driven us to near bankruptcy in 2012 because he didn’t like the drug he was taking and thought he knew better than the doctors so yeah DON’T FUCKING DO IT.

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stare at him for a minute and try not to smile.

you’re having a good time jacking it to a doujin


but then THIS fucker shows up 

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Everybody here is missing the point though. 

We’re talking about places that people are so desperate to leave that they’re just hopping on boats in the middle of the night praying. We’re talking about the places leftists swear these people “can’t go back to” like “we can’t deport them and force them to go back there”! We’re talking about places that apparently suck so bad, people are unwilling to follow the law, unwilling to wait the legal amount of time to fill out the legal paperwork, totally willing to go sneaking in here through the back door in the middle of the night, no matter the consequences.

We are in NO way talking about the difference between Texas and South Dakota. We’re talking about the difference between Venezuela and the US. That is a very false equivalency, and surely people understand that.

Put your wig back on.

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when my computer decides to deny me access because of “admin restrictions”

As someone who works in IT, nothing has ever been a bigger mood than this.




all male stereotypes about women are a projection. men are stupid, whiny, entitled, and vapid. 

That sounds an awful lot like the pot calling the kettle black there, Nancy. 

It sure does.

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  • if anyone outside of tumblr ever asks me what it’s like to have a semi-popular blog I’m going to tell them about the time I made a post that SIMPLY AND CLEARLY ONLY said I like how hotels smell like pools and that I feel peaceful walking through their hallways and it literally branched into three very confusing discussions that are STILL going to this day, years later, which are:
    1. pool employees Very Aggressively informing me that being able to smell a pool means chlorine levels are too high and I shouldn’t like that
    2. hotel employees Very Aggressively telling me hotels aren’t peaceful for THEM and I should be more considerate of them when I say I find hotels peaceful
    3. people??? angrily explaining to me that any time I’m in a hotel there is probably a victim of human trafficking in one of the rooms so I shouldn’t romanticize hotels.

    and that about sums up any experience I’ve had with a post that gets too many notes tbh it’s probably best if everyone would stop reblogging my posts forever

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    Pokemon Gijinka

    331. Cacnea

    332. Cacturne

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    Pokemon Gijinka

    324. Torkoal


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    “Soft Landing” by Dan O'Bannon and Thomas Warkentin from Heavy Metal magazine, September 1979.

    Perfect time to reblog this old gem. 

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    100 Years of Kitten Beauty

    Just what everyone needs, an immortal, ageless kitten.




    So we got an Amazon Echo and we changed the wake word to “Computer” and now I feel like I’m on the Enterprise all the time. Additionally, whenever I watch Star Trek, she only responds to “computer” when Data says it and it’s kind of adorable. Not Picard, not La Forge, not Troi, not Dr. Crusher, not Riker. Not anyone but Data. The other night Data asked his Computer what the time was and my Computer told him it was 10:47. Watching Star Trek is even more fun now

    Ur echo has a crush

    I want to buy one just for this

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