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August 13 2017

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Meet Sofia, Hanson Robotics’ humanoid robot []

me trying to socialize at family parties

bioware facial expressions

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This Charlottesville shit is exactly what I said would happen a few months ago. Every one of these Nazi white supremacist idiots is disgusting, but it was also disgusting a few months ago when people were getting fucking maced just for wearing Trump hats. You only poured gasoline on this fire by living up to every violent stereotype the actual racists had for you. This emboldened them and made their message stronger. People started taking the actions of some minorities and unjustifiably generalizing them all. Now people on the other side will unjustifiably generalize all white people to be in this group of racists and the cycle of intense division and refusal to see nuance will continue.

You know? Just like y’all were saying “No buts, no excuses for shitty behavior” all those times in the past, I believe your paragraph can be cut after the second sentence.

Just a thought.


Refusal to recognize precipitating events and actions has never solved anything.

This is not an “excuse” for shitty behavior any more than I excused the Charleston shooter just because he felt racially alienated. The moment you pick up a gun and decide to hurt other people, that excuse goes right out the window.

What that doesn’t mean is that you can’t point out that the culture of refusing to see nuance is toxic and creates more and more problems. Because not everything is as extreme as race riots. So maybe let’s not always wait till things come to a violent head before discussing these things. Saying “it’s shitty behavior but we’re not allowed to ever talk about the less shitty behavior that builds up to it” is pretty useless.

But hey if you want to make a post like that you’re more than welcome to do so. On your blog.

Just a thought.

Fair enough.

I apologize

Have a nice weekend.

It’s OK. Sorry if I overreacted.


Why does “you get what you pay for” only apply to consumers and not employers?

Why do employers offering minimum wage expect dedicated, hard working, knowledgeable, experienced employees instead of just someone who shows up and does the job?

If you’re only willing to pay the minimum, you should only expect to get the minimum.



sorry i missed your call i was dual wielding 

sorry i didnt text back this sword is two handed

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[Source] [Convict Collars]

Because saving kitties is important.

This is a freakn’ wonderful idea and needs to be spread around to let people know.

One time I thought I lost my old cat and I cried for days looking for him. People need to care more about them please report lost kitties. :(

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Reblog or else Anime Danny Trejo will show up to your house and demand a refund for his rice cooker

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Friendly reminder to bully your elf today.


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Why the fuck is The Postal museum bigger than museum of women in the arts!!!!

Have you attempted to think critically about this?

There is no doubt art created by women exists in many other places than this one museum, while I do doubt that the contents of the National Postal Museum have much of a home elsewhere.

Is this really that important? really?? Is this really an issue??? Seriously???

Makes me think of that class I had to take when I was a freshman, about ~oppression~ and ~art~ and ~social change~. Where we talked about things like the AIDS epidemic and the inhumane conditions in factories in China, alongside ‘women are only 9% of the artists in the most famous art museums in the world! :( :( :(’ and I’d never been more appalled in my life and that was a big contributor to how I became an anti feminist.

Remember women are only 9 percent of artists but men are also emotionally stunted brick walls who can’t ever adequately express themselves

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I’m peeing

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he’s a keeper

I have reblogged this SO many times

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I’m Homer.

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August 12 2017



I think my mum might be the kind of person that I hate. My little sister got GTA5 off her dad and my mum has told her she’s not allowed to kill humans “so the police are fine”.

Why teach a child that message??????

And it’s an R rated game…








You could complain about interracial couples but allow me to offer you a better option: minding your own fucking business.

It’s a risk factor, the “mind your own business” approach doesn’t make you look more virtuous than someone who knows the risks of interracial dating. If you simply don’t know just look for the information, it’s out there. Look at what happens when white women date black guys. Interracial kids have it bad, they did nothing to deserve a broken family but that’s why they usually get.

You’re starting to sound like ((((Ben Shapiro)))) I didn’t know if you were a civic nationalist or not, now I know for a fact you have a lot in common with the alt-lite.

Yo’ I offer you a cool alternative: Mind your own Fucking business

You could have just said you’re racist and disapprove of interracial dating I mean that takes fewer words. 

Its even funnier too because their Icon has Mercy and Pharah in it and I bet you 10 bucks they ship pharmercy AN INTERACIAL COUPLE

I think we should add “go fuck yourself” after the “mind your own fucking business” part.

For bonus points they’re not just racist, but anti-semitic. Pharah is a semite…

August 11 2017





Do you ever forget your sexuality because it isn’t the most key basis of your identity and you’re able to function without bringing it up every 3 seconds?

bad post op im incredibly gay and now im spitefully gayer also honestly just bad blog op

You sound boring and illiterate

They walked right into that one




animal crossing is an RPG

Really Peaceful Game

HELL yeah

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